About Us

Illuminated Ink© is a small Catholic company that is dedicated to developing, designing, and producing high-quality Catholic educational materials for children all over the world. Our goal is to instill a sense of beauty and wonder in children, based on the teachings and traditions of our Faith, in a fun and educational manner.

In 1993, when our family was young, we discovered there were very few fun and educational products available to help us share our faith with our children. It was this disturbing lack of materials that inspired us to try our own hand at designing, producing and marketing our own line of Catholic products.

The majority of our products are "hands-on" and meant to keep little hands and curious minds busy for long periods of time. Initially our product line consisted of black-and-white coloring projects, but, as our children’s abilities have grown and matured, so has our product line. We now offer more than 30 different products which appeal to kids of all ages... from pre-school through adulthood.

Our educational background is in technical writing, math, art and design, thus the "ink" in our name refers not only to our illustrations, but to our writing as well. As for the "Illuminated" part, our entire goal is to help parents and teacher enlighten, or ‘illuminate’ children's minds and thereby pass on the beauty and wonder of our Faith to the next generation.

Our products are available through our catalog and our website, as well as at many Catholic bookstores across the country. We also attend numerous Catholic conferences throughout the US as vendors so that our customers can see and experience our products "up close and personal".

We welcome your thoughts and suggestions concerning our products!