Saint Search Game

Saint Search Game

Based on the timeless classic "Bingo", players search for specific saint symbols instead of letters and numbers. As matches are made, players crown their saints with golden nimbuses. The first player to crown an entire row of saints wins the game.

The game includes 12 playing boards, 40 saint symbol tokens, 200 golden nimbuses and a detailed saint symbol information booklet.

Recommended for ages 3 and up.

Price: $17.50     Quantity:    ID 100

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Saint Search Game

"My Children Absolutely LOVE this game. It is great for readers and non-readers alike. It has been so much fun to see my 4 year old son get excited that he knows some of the symbols by heart. Great game for a large group or just two kids. Even toddlers can participate as the "coin draw-er" We play it just as you would bingo. So much fun for all."

Deborah L., Naperville, IL

Saint Search Game

"I love the Saint search Game. The kids in our LFG group loved it too!! It is fun and educational and they really wanted to know more about the saints, reading the additional info that was sent to understand the symbols better. I can't wait to try other products!!! "

Emily B., Mechanicsville, VA