Sacred Seasons Coloring Poster - Easter

Sacred Seasons Coloring Poster

Looking for something new and exciting for your kids to do? Our new Sacred Seasons Easter Poster is guaranteed to keep big kids (and little ones, too!) busy for hours on end.

Each poster is 24" wide x 32" long, printed on white paper, and is suitable for coloring with crayons, markers, pencils or paints. It also coordinates beautifully with our NEW Sacred Seasons Liturgical Calendar, and can be used to decorate bulletin boards, walls, windows, or even tables!

For even MORE coloring fun, try taping a poster on the outside of a large, sunny window, and then coloring the inside of the glass with some washable markers. When you are done coloring, take your poster off the window, and *viola!* you are left with a beautiful stained glass window!!

Recommended for all ages.

Price: $7.50     Quantity:    ID 1047

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