First Communion Card Kit Invitations - 10 pack

First Communion Card Kit Invitations
10 pack

Encourage your children to add a personal touch to their First Communion preparations by letting them make their own special Invitations! These elegant cards are simple enough for any 7 year old child to make and so beautiful that the recipient will treasure their card forever.

Each card requires only four simple steps to create. First the illustration on the front of the insert is colored. Then the insert is glued into the interior of the card. Next, the “stained glass” window panes are glued onto the back of the window frame. Finally, the gold “handles” are attached. Each card measures 5½” x 4¼” and requires one 37 cent stamp to mail.

Each kit contains all the materials needed to create 10 Invitations, including: die-cut, pearlized card stock; illustrated inserts; gold, mini brads; die-cut, multi-colored, “stained glass” window panes; and translucent, vellum envelopes. Extra pieces are also included in case of accidents.

Recommended for ages 7 and up.

Price: $12.50     Quantity:    ID 161

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First Communion Card Kit Invitations - 10 pack

"These were great, and I got a lot of compliments on them. People were asking where I got them."

Theresa G., Pinellas Park, FL

First Communion Card Kit Thank You's - 10 pack

"When I gave my 7 year old daughter the pack of cards to assemble for writing her thank-you notes, I was prepared to spend a few days getting the task completed. To my surprise, she dove right into making the cards and did not stop until they were done--that same day! She absolutely loved the process of making the cards and then writing her own notes inside them, I wished I had gotten the invitations for her to have sent out before the big day. The cards were simply stunning when they were done, it was hard to believe a seven year old did them on her own. She was so proud of them! I will definitely get these again when the next child is ready for his sacraments."

Jennifer D., Falmouth, ME

First Communion Card Kit Thank You's - 10 pack

"I purchased these for my daughter to make. It was a great activity for us to work on together! The cards are simply BEAUTIFUL!! We received many compliments on them! Thank you for making such family friendly card kits!!"

Raissa F., Murrysville, PA