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  1. What saint visited the Vianney homestead when St. John’s father was a boy?
    1. St. Philomena
    2. St. Catherine Laboure
    3. St. Benedict-Joseph Labre
    4. St. Pope PiusVII

  2. When St. John Vianney was a boy, to bless each
    hour as the clock struck it, what would he do?
    1. make the sign of the cross
    2. bow his head
    3. genuflect
    4. pray a Hail Mary

  3. While in school for the priesthood, St. John Vianney had such a difficult time learning
    Latin that he took a pilgrimage to who’s shrine to ask for graces to complete his studies?
    1. St. Francis Regis
    2. St. John Bosco
    3. St. Joan of Arc
    4. St. Bernadette

  4. What did St. John Vianney read about every night before going to sleep?
    1. Jesus
    2. the saints
    3. history
    4. the Church

  5. What "signal favor" did St. John Vianney receive from God as a sign of his having achieved Transforming Union? Hint: some other great saints have received this, including St. Teresa of Avila.
    1. the Stigmata
    2. a wedding ring
    3. a white robe
    4. the beatific vision

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